The BIG mistakes most golfers make

Golf is a hard game, and there are many small mistakes you can make when you’re out on the course. Often times it can be easy to get caught up in the small details and lose sight of the big picture. You can solve this problem and keep your game on track by focusing on the 2 major mistakes listed below.

2 major mistakes that most golfers make:

Losing your focus: Unlike most sports that immerse you in the action from start to finish golf is a game that requires you to zone in over 70 times. Completely re-focusing your attention before every shot is difficult, but if you have a solid pre-shot routine you can do it.

Obsessing over your score: Sure score is important, but if you get too caught up in the number you’ll lose focus of how to enjoy the game and execute the shots you need to hit to play your best. The world’s best players focus their attention on hitting great shots and, naturally, the scores take care of themselves.

If you can avoid these 2 major mistakes you will be well on your way lowering your scores and playing better golf.